Annual Biodiversity Plot


This is an area sown, using the BRIDE Project Annual Biodiversity Mix which
contains plant species suitable for pollinating insects while also providing food and cover for
birds in winter.


Annual Biodiversity Plot are best sown in April/May. The area can be from 0.1ha to 0.5ha and is ideally located next to a hedgerow to provide protection for small birds. A number of smaller plots is preferable to one very large plot. The plot will need to be sown annually – see our Farm Habitat Guidelines  (pg 8) for the Seed Mix.


The habitat should be kept free from livestock and pesticides. Management is minimal as once the seed is set no further work is required. The plot should remain untouched until the end of April of the following year when field preparations can commence again.


This habitat will provide a pollen and nectar source for pollinators and many other insect species. The seeds from these plants will provide winter food for small birds such as Yellowhammers,Linnets, Goldfinches, Greenfinches, Sparrows, Reed Buntings, and a variety of other bird species. Small mammals can also use these plots to forage for food. Consequently, birds of prey such as Kestrels and Barn Owls will use the habitat to prey on small birds and mammals.

Further Information

Further information can be found on page 7 of the “The BRIDE Project EIP Farm Habitat Management Guidelines” – link HERE