Derelict Buildings


Derelict and historic buildings are an important part of our cultural and natural heritage. Buildings that have dark secluded areas near the roof, or undisturbed cavities and chimney voids can generally support bats and occasionally Barn Owls, sometimes without the knowledge of the owner.

photo by Kenneth Allen


The least amount of disturbance to these already exiting habitats the better. The addition of nesting or roosting boxes in these buildings may increase the likelihood of habitation by bats or owls.


Maintenance of the roof of derelict buildings to prevent deterioration is important but be aware that replacing the roof may result in the destruction of existing nesting sites for bats, owls etc. Allow easy access in and out of the building for birds such as Barn Owls and Swallows.


Derelict buildings can provide important habitats for several bat species, Barn Owls, Stock Doves, Swallows and other bird species. Due to the importance of some of these old buildings, from a heritage point of view, there are grants available from the Heritage Council for their restoration in some cases.

Further Information

Further information can be found on page 14 of our publication –  “The BRIDE Project EIP Farm Habitat Management Guidelines” – link HERE